Product Line & Style


From colored magazines rolled-up and turned into variety of sizes with variety of colors. Can make different fashion accessories like earrings, bracelette and necklace. Even bags, frame designs and a lot more.

Classic Style

This is the first and the original style ever made by Kilus that brought the success. By sewing the different doypacks altogether to form different styles of bags. From the basic small size wallet to shopping bags, to beach bags, curtains, placemats, trash bags and even footwears.

Classic Strips

From the back side of the doypack roll comes the folded strips. Sewn together to form a different and more elegant design. Because the other side of the doypack is silver in color, this made our products more saleable.

Classic Boxes and Frames

Doypack rolls are pasted in a customized-sized board that made these beautiful boxes extra ordinary. Designs can be in plain doypacks, in strips, even weave. Same with the frames that comes in different sizes also.

Woven Designs

The folded strips are then used to weave different styles of bags, placemat, coasters, belt, keyrings, pencil holders and a lot more to mention. The idea of weaving the strips brought Kilus again big sales to clients.

Rice Sacks

After continous research in different recyclable materials, here came up another raw material that can be used to make bags and other products. The used rice sacks.

Trade Show, News and Special Events 2014


16-19 October 2014
SMX Convention Center
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
(Booth J13 - 2nd Floor)